My name is Steve, and I’m a writer.

During the day, I write about technology and help people learn how to use computer software. I enjoy translating data into information that the rest of us can understand. I’m both a writer and an editor, and sometimes I have serious arguments with myself. Even so, I enjoy helping people learn how to use technology in their businesses.

I started writing several years ago as a result of a few defining moments. That led me to journaling and a career change. When you call yourself a writer and then walk out your front door, you begin to see stories happening around you that others cannot see.

One day I had a spiral notebook nearby, and I started writing down those stories.

And I’ve been writing stories ever since.

A few years ago, I started following several bloggers online and found a few who resonated with me. That led to meeting other writers who share a similar love for storytelling.

In 2016, I attended a writing conference and met several people who work in other areas (such as healthcare and education) but wanted to integrate writing into their business. That experience led me to start writing again and sharing the stories I see around me each day.

This blog focuses on some of those stories, as well as the craft of writing. It’s a blog in process, and is certainly not very pretty at the moment. But I welcome you to share the journey with me.